Under the Bed Vol. 03 No. 06

Under the Bed Vol. 03 No. 06



Blackout Rage
Sam Pickett

Adam Randolph

D.W. Gillespie

Coated in Canvas
James Park

I Hate Roaches
Alex Ross


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Sam Pickett started off writing music articles which were published in GodIsInTheTv Fanzine and RAW Ramp Magazine. He then moved on to writing transgressive fiction and horror amongst other genres in which he has had work published in Maudlin House Literary Magazine. He is currently finalizing the completion of his debut novel The Atheist Second Son. In the meantime he is also completing a collection of short stories under the working title of Rot. He is also the singer and guitarist in rock band, The Wicked Venetians (Glasstone Records). He lives in Surrey, UK.

Adam Randolph grew up outside Bellingham, Washington, between the Pacific and Mount Baker, where he spent most of his childhood crashing through woods, climbing backyard trees, and hiding in small spaces to read. He is a graduate of McPherson College in Kansas, and has been published in Hellfire Crossroads and Bewildering Stories.

D.W. Gillespie hails from parts unknown in the dark woods of Tennessee. Supported by his wife and two feral children, he spends most days hunkered over a vintage typewriter he found in a smoking crater deep within the forest primeval. Bearded and muttering, he writes tales to terrify by the light of a kerosene lamp far from the amenities of the modern world. He’s been featured in more than ten publications including Daylight Dims, Dark Moon Digest, Pavor Nocturnus, and others, as well as the back side of an old walnut tree.

James Park lives in Columbus, Ohio with his gorgeous and delightfully articulate wife Ngouanephone. He is a writer of horror fiction, but likes to dabble in other genres. He’s been a recurring contributor to Night to Dawn Magazine, Massacre Magazine, Cemetery Moon, Sanitarium Magazine, and Infernal Ink. His circuspunk endeavor, Clowns with Big Floppy Shoes, can be enjoyed for free in Issue 2 of Crab Fat Literary Magazine. New work is scheduled to appear in Heater, The Realm Beyond, the Ethereal Gazette, Disturbed Digest, Trysts of Fate, and Pure Fantasy and Science Fiction. He will also be featured in the upcoming anthologies ATTACK of the B-Movie Monsters: Alien Encounters, NovoPulp 2014/2015, Welcome to the Future, Once Bitten, and The Secret Life of Ghosts.

Alex Ross is, for the moment, a relatively unknown fiction writer. He has posted a number of works on the CreepyPasta wikia, and is working hard to get multiple other short stories published in magazines.

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