eFiction Publishing is a periodical production company that delivers the best in short fiction in monthly fiction magazines. While there are many hundreds of short fiction magazines on the internet, eFiction has set itself apart as a leader in innovation of the art in both content and form factor. eFiction publishes genre-specific magazines in more genres than any other company. It also is leading the pack in digital delivery with each magazine available in all formats on the date of publication (iOS / Android apps in development).

The company focuses on community power to keep the magazines running. The eFiction community of writers and readers volunteer their time and energy to produce the magazines each month. Instead of locking down the production and selection of stories to a chosen few editors, eFiction has flipped magazine publishing on its head. The company allows readers to volunteer to read story submissions and vote on them (apply here). The highest voted stories are selected, edited, and then put into the issue.


eFiction was started by Doug Lance in 2010 from his college apartment. It published its first issue April 1st, 2010–no fooling. The company originally published only eFiction Magazine. New magazines (Romance, Under the Bed, Heater, Primer, New Realm, Nebula Rift, and FIVE) were added to the roster in 2012. Each magazine is lead by a managing editor.



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