Nebula Rift Vol. 04 No. 04

Nebula Rift Vol. 04 No. 04



Kite – Guy T. Martland: Sat in an ancient alien artefact, a boy watches a girl trying to fly a kite through the sky of code which surrounds the Earth.

The Melody – Niek Vink: Everything seems fine in the village of Tulsa’s End, until a haunting melody starts coming from the clouds.

Coming of Age – John Kaniecki: A man realizes he is the father of a Artificial Intelligence that is hold the Earth hostage.

Speak- S.K. Speciale: Only a select few have been chosen for instant-evolution; the rest will die.

Soul Vehicle – Keith Gorney: The struggle of man versus machine takes a different slant as the two have conflicting ideas about how such an amazing discovery as automated mechanical life should be handled.


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