Heater Vol. 04 No. 06

Heater Vol. 04 No. 06


Includes .pdf, .epub, and .mobi file formats.


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Incident at Vinny’s Cabin, Tim Haywood: I wake up in my boots at Vinny’s cabin with no memory of yesterday. When I discover duct tape, rope and a bloody knife, thank God Vinny’s there to explain it all.

Yellow Death, Claire Fitzpatrick: A girl is plagued by a malevolent spirit while grieving the death of a friend.

The Winds of Sin, Janice Vasko: In geocaching, sometimes it’s better to not find hidden secrets.

The Immortal Game, Jesse York: If you’re going to kill a man and hope to get away with it, it’s probably best that man doesn’t die in the office of private investigator Danny Blaise.

Auditioning, Daniel DeVoto: A filmmaker auditions just the wrong girl for his crime film.

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