Heater Vol. 04 No. 11

Heater Vol. 04 No. 11


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The Christmas Stalker

Nupur Tustin

When a horrific murder rocks her neighborhood a week before Christmas, quiet librarian Elsa Cronin begins to suspect one of her neighbors might have committed the awful deed. Will she be his next target?

The Plot

Charlene Koski

A woman betrayed by the love of her life spends years plotting the perfect revenge, but when her moment finally comes, things take a dark and unexpected turn.

The Man Who Called Wolf

Sallie Moppert

When a patient from the local psychiatric center, known for his fantastical stories and rants, is found murdered, it is up to Detectives Marlowe and Bennett to decipher what is truth and fiction in his ramblings and discover the identity of his murderer.


Jeff Burt

A man who protects a preserved watershed has his and his family’s lives threatened by the local chapter of skinheads.

Room 23

Daryl Wayne

The gritty underbelly never sleeps and makes poor refuge for those on the run.

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