New Realm Vol. 05 No. 04

New Realm Vol. 05 No. 04


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A Lovely Little Bookshop

J.D. Blackrose

Lindsay travels to a new town, takes a job at an unusual bookshop and discovers her Fae heritage.

Kage Majitsu

Brian Barr

Magicians of various traditions unite to stop a threat in their native country, Japan.

Redhawk and The Whippersnappers

Nick Zverloff

Redhawk is happy as the leader of a benevolent magical biker gang, until reality-shattering horror descends upon him.

Who Glitched the Enchantment?

Mark William Chase

A research mage awakens to discover his facility in the throes of an aetheric weapon experiment gone horribly wrong, but was it an accident or an act of sabotage—and where have his memories gone?

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