Nebula Rift Vol. 04 No. 08

Nebula Rift Vol. 04 No. 08


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Dark Rider

Glynn Owen Barrass

Within the violent, monster-haunted ruins of a post-apocalyptic world, an artificial man seeks his destiny.

Banquet Stop

David Castlewitz

The highlight of the transcontinental maglev train adventure is a stop in Chicago for a grand banquet, despite the dangers in that city.

Celestial Water

Tanja Bisgaard

In a world where drinking water is scarce, there is a race amongst nations to find other sources to replace the ones on Earth.

Alone in the Noise

Nigel Sellars

A brain-wired female musician surfs an alien computer for secrets.


Kirti Shukla

An alien from a distant planet risks her life when she is sent to explore Earth and it’s inhabitants, in order to better help her people defeat them in the war.

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