Nebula Rift Vol. 04 No. 06

Nebula Rift Vol. 04 No. 06


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Hands, M.E. Glynn: A near-future coming of age story which deals with the transmission of brain waves as well as the mother-daughter relationship.

The Revolt of the Ten Eye-Eyes, Ross Thompson: A single murder, with ten aliens all admitting guilt; Joseph Mkumba, TESOL Corps Field Commander, if about to come across a mystery that could lead to a planet-wide colonial rebellion.

Commuted, David J. Gibbs: A disenchanted commuter dealing with terribly cold winter weather, loses his temper and then control as he discovers something moving beneath his passenger seat.

Concentric Circles, Adam Mudman Bezecny: Two police officers face the grind of repetition.

The Porters of the Future, Mileva Anastasiadou: A love story that develops through time travel might save the world from greed.

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