Lemon J. Blake


Lemon J. Blake is an emerging writer who pens poetry and poetic fiction. After establishing an early career as a songwriter and landing her lyrics in television shows and feature films globally, including one that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, Blake decided to bring her other literary projects to the surface, starting small via social media. As she did as a young child, Blake continues to write poetry regularly and is also working on a novel.




L.O.V.E don’t believe you

I could L.E.A.V.E you

Take that soul you gave to me and

Take you down so easily

Nothing solid just a feeling

Let your guard down, now you’re reeling

Sink my teeth in, steal your crown

Fall from grace without a sound

C.U.P.I.D he caught me

Shot me down and then forgot me

Foolish, reckless, crazy, good

You made me this criminal

Tripping, falling, hit the ground, it’s

Meaningless but so profound

You don’t have to fall apart

But you no longer have your heart




The cracks appeared across her world like pretty, silvery stretch marks on skin. She had opened everything up again, every window, every door, her heart, her body, and most importantly her future. She did so every time she caught the scent, the scent of a carnival summer, of spearmint promises, of buttered popcorn and worn movie theatres, of daisy chains and yellowed pages, of French pear perfume and salted sweat. From the moment that it hit she would turn and gasp it down into her lungs, over and over until it made a host of her. Sometimes it was so quick that her hair wouldn’t even settle around her shoulders before it was inside.

She was gluttonous for candied romance, but that wasn’t why she let it in so freely, it was that she was hopelessly hopeful. Her blood was spiked with it, red, pink, and orange. Liquid sunsets, cherry pairs, and interlocked poppy lips ran through her veins. She had an infinite hope for infinity. It was as simple as that.

The scent was strong this time around. It pushed into her and filled everything to the brim until she began to stretch. It started to leak from her eyes. Perhaps this was the only thing stopping her from bursting, that it could escape down her cheeks? Something was wrong. She was filled with ocean now, the sunsets pulsing through her had all set, leaving nothing but blue. She thought that she might truly break, this time she really would. She tried to exhale, to push the air from her lungs and go back to how it had been before. She couldn’t. The scent had infused everything. It had truffled all her dreams and changed her.

Anger arrived. She was mad at the cracks and the mess that they were making. She didn’t like the flavor of her future anymore and she missed her scarlet blood. She threw her arms akimbo and shouted and hollered until the now sickly scent finally deserted her, finally left her alone. All the time her hands remained firmly planted on her hips, not just because she was scorned but also to hold all her pieces together, to make sure the silver cracks wouldn’t open up. Finally, her blue ocean blood was alight. It was burning and turning red again. She wasn’t quite better yet, the color was right, but it was was scalding her still. It was hurting under her skin.

“Next time,” she said as she brushed the sugary ashes from her legs, her dress, her hair. She had always known that letting things in might lead to the popping of her, the bursting of her heart and her eyes and her pearly world, but she was a forever girl who hadn’t yet found her forever, so she knew she’d gulp another cloud down whenever it came along, noxious or not. Besides, the cracks were beautiful once they settled down. She was learning to like them, just a little. They were as intricate, as elaborate as lace and they hadn’t broken her yet, only decorated her. So, she would contract and expand over and over until she found the one that fit her. The one that would hold her hips so that she never had to. The one that would make her cheeks rosy because her blood was running forever red. Her little infinity.


Mess Your Life Up


I told you that I’d mess your life up

With love and dreams that feel like violence

With pure freedom, straight, shoot it up

I told you that I’d mess your life up

I told you that I’d mess your life up

I’m strong like heroin, sweet as violets

Push you hard until you’re off track

I told you that I’d mess your life up

I told you that I’d mess your life up

Curiosity kills or thrills the wildcat

Either way you’ll never get your future back

I told you that I’d mess your life up


You Are Going To Ruin Me

You are going to ruin me.

You and your holy brown eyes, your wild laugh, your cinnamon gum tongue poisoning me in parking lots, your sickening promises.

You and your horrid, heavenly hands that trick me, your nauseating sweetness, your twenty-four-carat golden trust, your casual crimes committed with white smiles and whatever words.

You have thieved my entire future, you criminal, you conman, you beast.

You are going to ruin me.


Marry Me?


I don’t want to settle down with you,

I don’t want you to settle down.

I want to stir you up forever, turn everything upside-down.

No, I will not settle down with you,

I’ll never settle down.

I want to get high off your every breath and never touch the ground.

I want to run wild with you and when life starts to weigh on your spirit I will pull you into a dance so fast and so maniacal that all the heaviness will fall away.

If your spirit gets locked up I will keep a spare key to free it and if there is a ball and chain tugging on your heart I will turn it to light and dust and spray.

I want to adventure with you for life, partners in crime pushing and urging and egging each other to be better and better and worse and worse.

I want forever to be as rich and as kaleidoscopically colourful as the most vivid fantasy. I want the future to be so bright that it blinds us every day with its gleaming worth.

I don’t want to settle down with you,

I don’t want to settle down.

I just want to get to know you over and over and round and round.

You’ll never settle down with me,

I won’t let you settle down.

I’ll love you ’til we’re stardust and even then we won’t lose sound.

I just want to be with you. I just want to notice you. I don’t want to keep you, I want to have you, forever.

If you feel an urge to run, I’ll lead the chase or wait. Our every moment will be another first date. When things are hard I will weep with you, laugh with you, watch endless trash art with you, drink with you, see everything with you, forever.

I want to see how time changes you and I want to fall in love with the new you every day. Every day I will unbox you, unwrap you, see you.

I don’t want to settle down with you.

I don’t want you to settle down.

I want to share your secret thoughts, your madness, your profound.

I’ll never settle down with you,

You’ll never settle down.

I promise to love you forever and never ever settle down.

Marry me?


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