Jeffrey K. Blevins

Jeffrey K. Blevins

Everything Happens With Five

To whom does my love fall upon? To whom might it show? Who has captured, enraptured my heart?
To who does my love grow?
Within the sanded times of lore, bitten by heartache, stricken by gore
An angel came in her spectral form
Allowing, endowing true love to perform
She is my miracle, graced from high heavens
Bestowing a soul as my half, a rare Blevins

To my Salvation

Charish, my love will reside, within the walls of your intelligent halls
Never to castigate, ruminate or hide
Eclectic, electric…our romance won’t vary
Seldom in life, our bond, without nary
You are my lifeline, my final chance at eternal hope
A day will arrive when my eyes shall close, joining you; you are my world
I’m coming.

Storms Upon Us

Auburn twilight sparks through the sky, our golden sun sinks as this long day unwinds
Rolling clouds rally over mountains abroad – promising downpours with thunderous applauds
A mid-summer storm is upon us…
Marching forward, tempestuous gales, lakeshore vacationers pack up their sails
The darkening sky embarks upon entertaining – its electric lightshow displays no signs of waning
An August thunderstorm cascades with rain from the heavens
Pitter patter, pitter patter…pour, pour, pour
Showering us with this gift atop the forest floor
Puddles deepen, our draught weakens – more, more, more
Let the notion of lightning’s devotion be seen as it had been before….
As the assurance of new life to grow
When broken of its storming trance, rainclouds begin to clear
Knowing that they’ve left their mark they fully disappear
Flowering fields in the wet aftermath give praise to the mid-summer storm
Dry lakes and parched rivers, desperate for rain’s taste – have been given the gift to restore life with due haste
Colorful blossoms, meadow’s soon to be blooming, admire the sky that once had been booming
Sprouting fields with life of all forms, have nothing to fear from these mid-summer storms
Rain, rain, please come again
You are one of summer’s friends


Daringly dating in dangerous dwellings
Sweet hearted she’s swimming, our senses start swelling
Always around all throughout ages
Confidently caring caught up in love’s cages
Tired of trying, the tricking of thinking
Bewildered by basics blue eyes begin blinking
Fragile and frail, she fell from far fountains
Mere memories move, mind much more than mountains
Adoration admired while acting alone
So sympathetic, soaring as shown
Hoping how happy is hardly a hunch
Carefully caressing, clenching hearts…crunch!

Arose to Die

A rose is given to a newborn, symbolizing time’s been bought
Its petals slowly blacken, falling off one after the other
It’s the thorny stem of death, please don’t be distraught
Because the petals count our time, we needn’t even bother
She loves me, she loves me not
These are the sentiments for our lover Expiration
Pulling petals isn’t sought
For they will fall upon the seasons, without hesitation
The rose is beautiful inside a vase upon our youthful days
It blossoms full, its blooms are living
Its petals show, what we don’t know, and with a petal it pays
These tidings may have their misgiving
Water will not stop the aging, its shriveling of the years
We can only see its beauty, watching it turn black
Our skin, it wrinkles, like this rose, visible in mirrors
Once a petal falls from life, it will not grow back
She loves me, she loves me not
The darling of death, is drawing a breath
Wishing you could buy the time, that for you, your parents bought
She will come, she always comes, take it from Macbeth
In her embrace we are wanted, welcomed with a chilling cold
She will soothe and comfort us, when our final petal is pulled
Broken Promise
For sale: wedding ring, never worn


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